Longtail Tuna fishing
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WelcomeAn introduction to species found in the waters around Khao Lak and Phuket, Thailand.
Longtail Tuna fishing

The Longtail Tuna  (Thunnus tonggol)

Common Names Identification Typical Location Fishing Methods Fighting Skills Our Comments

Northern Bluefin (Australia).

A Longtail Tuna has a long slender body that is black on the upper part,
and silvery white on the lower part and belly.
It has a dark caudal keel and yellow fins with a gray edge.

The most common places to find Longtail Tuna in Thailand,
is around bait fish and floatsam in shallow inshore waters.
The Longtail Tune is rarely found in open water.

The most productive fishing techniques for Longtail Tuna in southern Thailand
is trolling a stringer line with small plastic squid or feathers.
Other fishing methods include trolling small skirted lures or casting shiny lures.

The Longtail Tuna is a fast fighter that often surprises with an extra run.

At times, this is the most common Tuna species
in the waters around Similan Islands and Phuket - Thailand.

Longtail Tuna

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